Detailing and Protection Packages

We offer multiple and convenient ways to book our car/bike detailing and protection services. The fastest way would be to make a booking via the website itself. You may also call us on 9321010932 and request a preferred date/time slot OR mail us at: dirtyclean.in@gmail.com with your requirements and we will recommend the service best suited to you along with the earliest appointment date.
We offer both Detailing & Protection Services. Our Detailing service is a convenient Doorstep operation offering you the convenience of getting your vehicle detailed right at your doorstep. . Protection - An In-house service as we apply coatings or PPF in a complete dust free environment. You would be required to bring your vehicle in for this job. We offer 2 types of Detailing Options. Lite, which is a quick but essential service and Premium which is an extensive nearly all-day deep cleaning and polishing service. Depending on your vehicle condition, time and availability you can choose what suits you best. Paint protection is an optional but recommended service for new cars or after intensively detailing your vehicle for long term all-weather protection.
We source directly from the Manufacturers. We use tried and tested detailing-specific products from Meguiars, 3M, Turtle Wax, Chemical Guys etc. and some of our own professional formulas that consistently deliver amazing results. Our services are always being upgraded with newer and better products so this list is not comprehensive but indicative of the quality that we use on your vehicle.
Our Ceramic Coating ships directly from the Manufacturer. We use Professional Industry standard Coatings (Turtle Wax, CQuartz OR Meguiars) We offer a Company backed Warranty on Ceramic applications and routine maintenance services are included in the package.
We source our PPF directly from the brand/s distributor. PPF comes in a variety of configurations but almost all the branded PPF's we offer are similar in features the difference being in the warranty offered. 3/5 OR 10 yr warranty is offered as standard. Brands like XPEL, LLumar, Orafol and similar in quality is what we deal with.
All our prices are displayed up front. We have made it as simple as possible. Based on the type/ size and vehicle configuration we have a 'Category Check' drop-down menu which will clearly mention under which category your vehicle fits into. Cross-reference with the category table below & service required for the pricing.


Yes, we start off with a detailed video/photographs of the car or bike in your presence highlighting all prior defects, scratches and paint damage to the interior and exterior. We also explain the limitations of our services, what we can/ cannot do and the different services we offer and their benefits. We might even recommend a higher level of maintenance and detailing if we think it suits your vehicle better.
Appointments are required. While not a necessity we recommend pre-booking via our website or calling us on 9321010932. This way we can confirm your service time & date. We try our best to reach you at OR within +90 mins of a confirmed booking. Incase of any unforeseen delays/break-down of equipment we will inform you well in advance and reschedule if needed.
No, we stick with what we do best. Intensive Detailing, Steam Cleaning, Exterior Renovation, Paint Polishing, Interior Cleaning and Engine bay detailing. Ceramic coatings & PPF Applications included. All other jobs like denting, painting and mechanical repairs we leave to the experts in that field.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We are committed to giving you the best cleaning and detailing experience ever and are only happy when you are satisfied! In case you notice an issue with our work please bring it to the notice of the team on-site. We will inspect and redo the complete section until you are fully satisfied. The best way to assure satisfaction is to thoroughly review your car or bike BEFORE our team leaves the premises.
Yes we do! In case we come across any issue/s which require more than normal effort, use of materials, equipment and time, eg: > Heavy Mold/Mildew/Fungus coating all over the car exterior and interior >Wet/ Water logged interiors. > Deeply ingrained and excessive Pet Hair/Cigarette Burns > Human Waste/Vomit/Animal Poop/Paan and other stains not of a normal nature > Severe Muck/Mud stains of an abnormal nature (Racing/Off-road/Rally Cross) > Any other stains/issues not occurring during normal use (eg: Chemicals/Tar/Acid/Oil/Rust etc) Our technician will advise you of this during the pre-work inspection. Issues like these incur additional charges as we need to put in more time, supplies and effort to ensure a proper detail is done.


We accept COD, Credit/ Debit cards, GPay and Online payments via CCAvenue. We do not offer Credit. All payments to be made in full on completion of the job.
We have priced all our Detailing & Protection package service costs at competitive & value-for-money rates. We believe in delivering value and ensuring you get more than what you pay for. Incase we have any ongoing deals or discounts we will be sure to pass on the benefits to you.
We have no hidden costs or charges. What you see is what you pay. Taxes are charged additional at 18%. Any additional charges due to vehicle condition/s are disclosed to you upfront. All our rates are published on our website. We don't encourage tips but if you feel our technicians have done a great job then go ahead and appreciate them. If we can give you better value for your money then please use the 'Contact us' form and let us know. We're always open to constructive feedback on our detailing and paint protection process/s.
Unfortunately we have a No-refund policy. But thats the last of the bad news. The good news is we will offer you a pre-paid service note via e-mail which can be utilised at any time with prior booking. Either way, you don't stand to lose anything. Our pre-paid service note has a 6 month validity.

General Queries

We carry our own electric supply and water so we do not need any wires, plug points and water source. This enables us to work just about anywhere from our self-contained work van.
Time required for detailing depends on the type of vehicle, the service package requested and the number of technicians working on the vehicle. Times mentioned on the website are approximations only.
Yes your society/ office permission is required prior commencing work. We will not be held responsible if we are denied our full operational methods and required space. We need unobstructed access to all 4 doors and the boot/ hood with at least 3 feet space on either side to move about freely. Plus sufficient space to park our service van either at the side or the front/ back of the vehicle being serviced. We DO NOT detail any vehicle on the road/ public space as it is not permitted by law. We also ensure the place is reasonably cleaned and no residue is left behind once we are done.
Sure you can. Since it is a gift, select the vehicle type and enter the recipients name/ address. Select the pre-paid payment option, confirm the booking and you're done. We will send in our team at the booked place, time and date and get the vehicle detailed.
Refer to our Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of the page.
Currently we offer our detailing packages within the geographical limits between Colaba & Borivali, East & West included. Based on the response and travelling times we will look at expanding to a wider reach if sustainable. Our current area of operations are listed on Google maps & on our Website. If you have any specific requests or queries feel free to call or mail us.