Our Maintenance Detail Package! We cover all the essentials, quickly and efficiently. Keeps your vehicle fresh and clean inside-out. A quick turnaround ensures you have a clean vehicle ready to use when you need it. Recommended every 2 to 4 months as a Routine Maintenance package. Duration: Cars (2-4 hrs) & Bike (1-2 hrs)


Our Intensive Detail Package! Interior deep cleaning, Engine bay degreasing and Exterior paint polishing restore your vehicle to a near showroom finish. Recommended every 6 to 8 months for a Complete Deep Clean & Shine Inside-Out. Duration: Cars (6-8 hrs) & Bike (3-4 hrs)

Package Details

Pressure Cleaning + Foam Wash
Clay Bar Treatment (Paint Decontamination)
Hard Water Spots/ Tar Removal
Emblems/ Decals/ Chrome - Clean, Polish and Buff
Headlight Buffing + UV Protection Coating - Stage-1
Paint Polishing (Removes Haziness/ Minor Scratches/ Scuffs)
External Trim/ Rubber/ Plastic - Black Trim Restorer Coating (Matt)
Wheels/ Tyres - Detailed Cleaning + Black Tyre Dressing
Hybrid Paint Protection Coating - Up to 3M Shine Protection
Synthetic Wax Paint Protection Coating - Up to 1M Shine Protection
Pressure Air Cleaning - Seats/ Carpet/ Headliner
Floor Carpet - Vacuum + Deep Cleaning + Shampoo
Floor Mats - Pressure Cleaning + Shampoo + Paper Mats
Fabric Seats - Vacuum + Wet Cleaning + Blow Dry
Leather Seats - Vacuum + Shampoo + Leather Conditioner Protection
Headliner - Vacuum + Dry Cleaning
Interior Trim (Dashboard/ Door Pads/ Plastics) - Steam Cleaning + APC Scrub
HVAC System/ Ducts - Steam Cleaning + Sanitisation
Seat-Belts - Steam Cleaning + APC Scrub
Spare Tyre/ Boot Area - Tyre Removal + Vacuum + Cleaning
Interior Trim (Dashboard/ Door Pads/ Plastics) - Anti-Fade UV Coating
Pressure Air Cleaning
Hood Liner - Pressure Cleaning
Detailed Engine Degreasing
Engine Bay - Steam Clean
Engine Cover Trim/ Rubber/ Plastic - Matt Black Restorer
Compressed Air Dry + Wipe Down
HVAC Deep Clean & Odour Treatment - (Foam + ODOR-X)
Headlight Restoration - 3-step Polishing + UV Coating (Stage - 2)
Water Ingress/ Flooding/ Rain - Wet/Dry Vacuum + Shampoo + Blow Dry
Sticker/ Glue/ Trim Adhesive/ Old PPF - Remove & Restore
Full Paint Correction - 3-Step Compounding + Polishing + Buffing - Factory Finish Gloss & Clarity
Paint Splatter/ Cement Spots/ Excess Tar Streaks - Remove & Restore
Extreme Mold/ Mildew/ Fungus - Steam-Clean, Sanitize and Restore
Custom Vehicles/ ATV's/ Oversize/ Extreme Detail/ Mud & Muck

Pricing & Booking

| Vehicle Category
1799 2999
1999 3499
2499 3999
2799 4499

Date & Time