Ceramic Coating

Our premium mid to long term all-weather protection that easily outlasts traditional waxes and sealants. Adds insane levels of gloss, hydrophobicity and durability to your paint surface and reduces the need for frequent paint maintenance. Package includes 24Mo Company Warranty certification.


Our toughest external damage protection solution. A transparent protective film, self healing and scratch resistant with unmatched levels of durability. Carefully wrapped & heat sealed over the vehicle's exterior body panels like a second skin. Offers maintenance free protection year after year. Comes with a 3/5/10 Year Dealer Warranty.

Package Details

Ceramic Coating
Pressure Foam Wash + Detailed Exterior Cleaning
Iron-X Paint Decontamination - Iron Deposits/ Impurities
Clay Bar Treatment - Bumper to Bumper
Hard Water Spot Removal
Logo/ Metal/ Chrome - Metal Cleaning Process
Stage-2 Headlight Restoration
External Paint drops/ Cement/ Acid marks - Remove & Restore
Stage-2 Full Paint Correction - Factory Finish Shine & Clarity
Pre Coating IPA (IsoPropyl Alcohol) Spray/ Wipe-down
Premium 10H Ceramic Application
PPF Panel Application
24 Hrs Enclosed Dust-Free Curing

Pricing & Booking

| Vehicle Category
14999 59999
18999 69999
22999 79999
24999 99999

*Note : Our Pro-grade Ceramic Coating comes with a 24 month Company Warranty.
3 additional (6M routine) Ceramic Maintenance - Doorstep Service can be added to the Package for 9999/- (**Optional Extra)
PPF prices quoted are for Complete Vehicle coverage and estimates only.
Actual rates will vary depending on PPF brand, specific vehicle size and total coverage required.

Date & Time